Seafood Trainee

– Seafood Trainee gives the industry candidates with a genuine interest for the aquaculture industry.

There is a constant need for attracting the best candidates and talent to support the sustainable development in the seafood value chain. The seafood industry is constantly becoming more knowledge-intensive and has an increased needs for new skills, e.g. such as digitalization.

To support the goal of increasing the reputation and attracting the best candidates to the industry, NCE Seafood is organizing Seafood Trainee.

Seafood Trainee is the first Norwegian Seafood Trainee program for recent graduates with bachelor/master’s degree in biology, technology, fish health, aquaculture, economics, social science, marketing or Law. The program is a combination of a job in a seafood company, and an academic program of twelve days spread over four modules where one session will take place abroad.

Visit the website for more information about the program.

At a glance

Project goal: To attract the best candidates to support the sustainable development in the seafood value chain.

Project period: From 2016 – ongoing

Financed by: NCE Seafood Innovation

Project focus: Knowledge program

Project value: Increase knowledge/competence to achieve sustainable growth and innovation throughout the seafood value chain.

Contact person:
Lena Bekken
Program Manager Seafood Trainee
+47 91 31 66 23
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