Seapoint – a digital tool supporting seafood innovation by catering to the needs of different stakeholders. Explore industry challenges, industry reports, public funding, seafood investors, seafood startups, industry insight, competency videos, and much more in a continuously growing ecosystem.


In 2018, NCE Seafood Innovation asked how the seafood industry can collaborate better for increased innovation. Because strengthening entrepreneurship and fostering strategic collaboration between multi-stakeholders in the ecosystem is key to enabling sustainable seafood growth. This created the desire a digital tool that strengthens existing cluster activities, facilitates new types of services, and transforms how the cluster provides value to partners and members.

Seapoint was launched Q2 2020.  Check out Seapoint, and feel free to suggest improvements or ask questions. Contact person:


Latest update

In the spring of 2022, we posted the complete video training materials within recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS). Go to Seapoint to watch the 50 videos to get updated knowledge on RAS.


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At a glance

Seapoint is the cluster’s online resource base. Seafood innovators can use our global network and specialist industry knowledge to boost existing and new innovation activities.

2018-2019: Conceptualization and prototyping
2020: Development and launch of Seapoint
2021: Implementation and further development

Financed by:
2018-2020: NCE Seafood Innovation
2021: NCE Seafood Innovation, Municipality of Bergen

Contact person:
Rune Smistad
Senior Project Manager Digital Transformation
+47 90 09 37 39
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