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For NCE Seafood Innovation, a focus area within developing and strengthening the seafood industry’s competency is to work with talent attraction for the industry, making students an important target group. Companies that collaborate with students often see this as a highly valuable experience, as companies can connect with students uniquely and understand if they fit the company for future recruitment while having various problems solved.

We are working on a better solution. If you’re representing a industry company or startup, we would be glad if you could help us out by filling out this short survey.

Opportunities for collaboration with students (chronological order):

BI Norwegian Business School – Deadline November 1
Interested in recruiting a BI Internship Bachelor student for 2022? If so, create a position on the Career Portal, and publish it today. It’s also encouraged to reflect around possibilities of incorporating sustainability into the tasks, because it should be part of everyone’s agenda. The deadline to be done with recruiting and have the learning contract signed with your future intern is November 1st 2021. Questions regarding the BI Internship can be sent to

Norwegian School of Economics – Deadline August 30
Master students at NHH are seeking opportunities to collaborate with companies for their master theses on topics within the business domain. NHH hosts a meeting arena September 20 and 21 for companies to discuss theses with students. If you’re interested in collaborating with students – get in touch before August 30! More information.

BI Norwegian Business School – Deadline June 30
Do you have an idea that needs to be explored or perhaps want help with market analysis or data analytics? These or other areas within business are highly relevant.

7 master students, specializing in leadership and change, are eager to help your company through internships full/part-time over a 4 week period – starting late August 2021 or by closer agreement with each company. Afterward, they will create a work report which could be continued in a master thesis. If you want to hear more about these candidates contact Erik Wilberg ( or Anne Linn Strøm-Erichsen (

University of Bergen – Deadline March 19
Fifteen biology students from the master program ‘Aquaculture and Seafood‘ and the course BIO208, are looking for opportunities to put theory into practice. If you want help in your company, then the students would like to discuss potential internships, summer jobs, part-time jobs, etc. They’re flexible when it comes to scope and time period. If you want CVs, information about the candidates, their contact information, or have other questions, contact

University of Bergen – Deadline February 11
Master students in the programme “Media and Interaction Design” are seeking opportunities to collaborate for their master projects. Students wants to put theory into practice by developing a prototype, conducting a field study, or writing an academic paper based on practical issues. On February 11, you can join a pitch session to discuss opportunities. Send an email to or for more information

Norwegian School of Economics – Deadline February 8
Master students at NHH are seeking opportunities to collaborate with companies for their master theses on topics within the business domain. NHH is arranging an meeting arena on February 22, between students and companies, to meet and discuss theses. If you’re interested, propose your potential topics for master theses before February 8. More information.


At a glance

Seafood Future is a cluster service bridging talents at universities with the needs from industry companies and startups.

Universities who wants to add opportunities into the overview, please send us an email.

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Carl H.B. Haukås
Project Manager
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