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For NCE Seafood Innovation, a focus area within developing and strengthening the seafood industry’s competency is to work with talent attraction for the industry, making students an important target group.

Companies that collaborate with students often see this as a highly valuable experience, as companies can connect with students uniquely and understand if they fit the company for future recruitment while having various problems solved.


Opportunities for collaboration with students:


BI Norwegian Business School

Interested in recruiting a BI Internship Bachelor student? If so, create a position on the Career Portal, and publish it today. It’s also encouraged to reflect around possibilities of incorporating sustainability into the tasks, because it should be part of everyone’s agenda. We have written a little bit about having an intern, read about it here. Questions regarding the BI Internship can be sent to


Norwegian School of Economics

Master students at NHH are seeking opportunities to collaborate with companies for their master theses on topics within the business domain. NHH is arranging an meeting arena between students and companies, to meet and discuss theses. If you’re interested, check out this site for more information.


At a glance

Seafood Future is a cluster service bridging talents at universities with the needs from industry companies and startups.

Universities who wants to add opportunities into the overview, please send us an email.

Contact person:
Karoline Aarebrot
Project Manager - Startups and Talent Attraction
+47 45 27 16 77
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