Seafood Mentor Forum

Validation of new solutions transforming the seafood industry!

A meeting place for startups

Startup companies play an important role in the seafood innovation ecosystem. Seafood Mentor Forum is a meeting place where our startups members present their businesses to a tailored panel of industry experts and investors.

This is an opportunity for early-stage companies to meet and discuss with targeted expertise and key people in the industry. Also, the event is a unique arena for the industry and investors to get an overview of the entrepreneurial landscape and new solutions for a sustainable seafood future.

It is a digital meeting, where three startups will hold a 10 min general presentation, followed by a confidential session.

Contact Karoline Aarebrot if you want to participate.

Perspectives from the expert panel



At a glance

Project goal: Expert feedback to startups, knowledge sharing and networking

Project period: The event is arranged four times a year

Financed by: NCE Seafood Innovation

Project focus: Presentations of startups (innovative ideas/solutions), knowledge sharing og networking

Project value: Knowledge sharing arena fostering improved startup business models and innovative growth in the seafood industry

Contact person:
Karoline Aarebrot
Cluster Consultant
+47 45 27 16 77
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