Upcoming Seafood Startups

Validation of new solutions transforming the seafood industry!

A meeting place for startups

Startup companies play an important role in the seafood innovation ecosystem. «Upcoming seafood startups» is a meeting place where our startups members present their businesses to a tailored panel of industry experts and investors. The purpose of the event is to contribute to the validation of startups and their solutions. This is an opportunity for early stage companies to meet and dicsuss with targeted expertise and key people in the industry. Also, the event is an unique arena for the industry and investors to get an overview of the entrepreneurial landscape and new solutions for a sustainable seafood future.

The event is a two hour digital meeting with three startups presenting for a panel of approximately seven experts. Each startup will hold a 10 min  general presentation, followed by a confidential session where the startup gets 5 min to dig into specific topics they want feedback on, before a 15 min Q&A/feedback session with the experts.

The purpose of this event is to connect entrepreneurs with different stakeholders such as industry players (potential customers), professionals/academia and investors, enabling our entrepreneurs to enhance their business models based on their valuable feedback.


At a glance

Project goal: Expert feedback to startups, knowledge sharing and networking

Project period: The event is arranged four times a year

Financed by: NCE Seafood Innovation

Project focus: Presentations of startups (innovative ideas/solutions), knowledge sharing og networking

Project value: Knowledge sharing arena fostering improved startup business models and innovative growth in the seafood industry

Contact person:
Karoline Aarebrot
Cluster Consultant
+47 45 27 16 77
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