Capital Raising in the Seafood Sector

An investor readiness program for startups in the NCE Seafood Innovation cluster.

NCE Seafood Innovation is offering our startup members a program with the aim to make entrepreneurs think strategically about fund raising and to help them get a robust long-term capital strategy in place!

As part of working on a long-term funding roadmap the startups will be mapping the investor landscape, relevant investors, the deal sizes, the syndicate structures and the overall deal activity level in the industry.  The participants are introduced to useful tools and techniques that will help them prepare for successful funding rounds and partnering with different investors at different stages and valuations.

By the end of the program the startups have mapped out a long-term funding and capital strategy, clearly identified investor return mechanisms and openly discussed the various value creation scenarios for investors.

After a three month period a selection of relevant investors are invited to the program.

The program is a collaboration between Engange // Innovate and NCE Seafood Innovation and financially supported by Bergen Kommune.

In 2020-21 the program workshops are digital.


If you have questions about the program, please contact Pia S. Rønningen –

At a glance

Project goal: Funding of startups

Project period: Yearly event. Three month program, starting in November.

Financed by: NCE Seafood Innovation, Bergen Kommune

Project partners: Engage // Innovate

Project focus: Long-term funding roadmap and the capital raising process.

Project value: Long term funding and capital strategy – successful funding rounds.

Contact person:
Pia Singdahlsen Rønningen
Business Developer
+47 92 63 08 83
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