Are you ready to raise capital?

Becoming investable entrepreneurs.

The seafood industry is dependent on startups developing new ideas and technologies to meet the ambitious goal of sustainable growth in the years to come. For a startup to succeed its owners must be able to attract capital.

NCE Seafood Innovation has developed the program “Are you ready to raise capital?” addressing the startups need to look at the company from an investor standpoint. The program is offered to all startups in the cluster and is an important part of our ambition to support members with competence, capital and network within our strategic area of entrepreneurship.

This capital raising program is focusing on early stage investments and is tailored to seafood startups that need private funding to reach their coming milestones. During the course entrepreneurs are lectured in the different steps of the capital raising process and will be guided in identifying potential investors that could take their company forward.

The program is completed after three-months and our goal is that participating startups succeed in raising capital.

Next program 2nd half 2020




At a glance

Project goal: Becoming investable entrepreneurs

Project period: Yearly event, 2nd half of the year

Financed by: NCE Seafood Innovation, Bergen Municipality

Project partners: TBD

Project focus: The capital raising process

Project value: Educate entrepreneurs in the capital raising process and attracting private capital to seafood startups

Contact for project:
Pia Singdahlsen Rønningen
Business Developer
+47 92 63 08 83
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