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Millionstøtte til datadeling

I sjømatnæringen økes innsatsen rundt digitalisering og samhandling og selskapene ser et stort potensial for utnyttelse av data og datadeling i havbruksnæringen. Gjennom AquaCloud skal NCE Seafood Innovation bidra til å løfte næringen innen digitalisering, og prosjektet «Aquacloud - styrket digitalisering i norsk havbruksnæring» har fått økonomisk støtte til å jobbe sammen med oppdrettsselskaper for å realisere verdier knyttet til data og datadeling.

Seafood Next: A platform to network and accelerate your knowledge

This week we started our #4 group of Seafood Next here in Bergen. The first module had the participants diving into the value chain of the seafood industry with great presentations here in Bergen, as well as a visit to Lingalaks and Hardanger Akvasenter.

Early communication and innovative technology is crucial when going forward!

Throughout the expert panel, it was agreed that better communication between the industry and industry governance is necessary, and that it should happen earlier rather than later going forward.

Innovative solutions towards better fish health in Upcoming Seafood Startup

Last week we hosted this year’s second Upcoming Seafood Startup where the topic of discussion was fish health and fish welfare. This topic is one of NCE Seafood Innovations industrial focus areas, and creating synergies and collaboration between startups, capital and industry is key when working towards the future.

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Our member companies and partners represent the entire value chain of the seafood industry.
Who we are

A collective effort

Our member companies and partners represent the entire value chain of the seafood industry.
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