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Do you want to contribute to innovative and sustainable solutions and enable the growth of the industry?

We welcome new members to apply for a membership. We aim for the cluster to be beneficial and useful to the participants. We require that any prospective partner is highly committed to take active part in the cluster’s work.

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What you get

69 members in 2019
50 events in 2019
20 services & projects

Conditions for membership



Companies that are seen as particularly important to the development of the cluster and educational and government institutions can be accepted as partners.

Partner fee: NOK 300 000 per year



All organisations established in Norway that deliver products or services in or to the seafood industry, or intend to do so, can become members.

Member fee: NOK 100 000 per year

Risk capital


Investors/venture companies who actively seek to invest in early-stage seafood companies can apply for membership.

Risk capital fee: NOK 30 000 per year



All startup businesses, up to five years old, with a negative financial result can apply for membership as a startup.

Startup fee: NOK 7 500 per year

"I cannot emphasize enought how much faster we reach our goal by being part of the NCE Seafood Innovation. "
Arnt-Gunther Dietel
Marine Technology Innovation AS

Application process

To become a member, we ask you to send a short motivation letter. The Board of Directors will process the request and complete the registration of your membership. Membership is based on accepting the terms in The Seafood Innovation Cluster membership agreement.

Step 1: Download application form

Step 2: Fill out and send to

Step 3: We will get in touch with you shortly


Contact person:

Nina Stangeland

Managing Director, NCE Seafood Innovation