What is Seafood Trainee?

In NCE Seafood Innovation, our focus is to increase growth, innovation and sustainability throughout the value chain.

Seafood Trainee is the first Norwegian Seafood Trainee program for recent graduates with a bachelor or master’s degree in biology, technology, fish health, aquaculture, economics, social science, marketing and Law.

The Norwegian Seafood industry is under tremendous development and growth. Increased focus on high technology, innovation and sustainability, has created enormous advantages that will support the industry for future generations. The seafood sector has also contributed to create more job opportunities. 

Therefor, the need for young people, with high skills, competence and expertise, is valuable for the industry companies working to better themselves, both nationally and internationally. 

It’s the younger generation who will lift the industry and ensure a sustainable future.

Traine samlling i Bekkjarvik, Austevoll.

Are you the next Seafood Trainee?

The Seafood Trainee program is open to new graduates with a bachelor or master’s degree, with an interest and motivation to work in the seafood industry. You must have maximum of 2 years of work experience after completed degree

As a seafood trainee you will be employed in a 1-year tenure in one of the partner companies to the program. There are various job opportunities, with locations all along the coast of Norway.

Included in the program are four 3-day modules at various locations in Norway and Iceland. The module complement your previous education and current trainee position. You will gain a unique competence and knowledge about the seafood industry, as well as great opportunities for developing a professional an personal network. 

As a seafood trainee, you will be assigned your own mentor for personal and professional growth. You get an independent and demanding position, with practical experience from the very first moment, in addition to getting a great development potential.

Does your company want to be a part of the future?

Being a Seafood Trainee Company makes you attractive as an employer and will strengthen your company’s reputation and attractiveness among the best candidates.

As a Seafood Trainee company, you will get access to 500 highly qualified candidates with a bachelor or master’s degree in biology, economics, technology, social science, aquaculture, marketing or law. 

Fresh candidates bring new impulses and knowledge to the company, and will be a positive influence towards innovation and sustainable development.

Being part of the Seafood Trainee program, contributes to the company’s professionalisation of recruitment and HR strategy. 

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