Priority Areas

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The five industrial areas of priority are defined by the industry and reflect the challenges we need to solve together with partners and members to realize opportunities for sustainable growth and development in the seafood industry. Knowledge sharing and innovation is the Cluster’s strategic approach to the industrial areas of priority.


Climate, environment and circular economy

Our aim is to reduce the industry’s eco footprint, and actively stimulate new circular business models and circular solutions in the seafood industry.

NCE Seafood Innovation will achieve this by initiating activities to increase industry collaboration and provide partners and members with relevant industry insight into ongoing projects and relevant solutions. Further will the cluster take an active part as facilitator for competence enhancing activities.

cluster will initiate and take part in projects for circular economy and prioritize standardization of sustainability indicator reporting. This includes measures, such as new solutions, products, and services within micro algae, packaging, recycling, sludge, and electrification.

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Digital transformation and digitalization

Our aim is to showcase the potential value creation of digital transformation and contribute to increased digitalization by standardization and sharing of data.

The Cluster will focus on data collection and data sharing, standardization, and accessibility for users to increase digitalization. Central to digitalization is the AquaCloud platform, which serves as a supplier of data sets from project partners to various actor throughout the industry.

The cluster will be a driving force for digital transformation through knowledge sharing across the seafood industry through network groups and activities.



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Fish health and welfare

Our aim is to increase fish health and welfare, with the purpose of reducing fish mortality.

NCE Seafood Innovation’s efforts will include making new and established data sets available through AquaCloud, to support research projects and development of new solutions and projects within fish health and welfare. The cluster also involves industry actors in various activities and projects related to fish health and welfare, such as R&D meetings, project development and funding, and workshops.



Novel feed ingredients

Our aim is to realize the potential of new raw materials for feed and enable commercialization of future feed ingredients.

NCE Seafood Innovation is working towards the prospective large-scale application of future fish feed and novel feed ingredients. Our efforts also include project development through crossover initiatives between blue and green sector. We do this by actively contributing to projects around collaboration, knowledge sharing, and project development across the industry.

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Future competence and talent attraction

Our aim is to ensure that the industry always has access to the right expertise.

NCE Seafood Innovation will develop and strengthen initiatives for «lifelong learning» and future-oriented competence, as well as strengthening talent attraction for the seafood industry. The cluster facilitates and coordinates collaboration between the industry and academia to secure future-oriented competence and education programmes. We facilitate appropriate learning programmes within higher education and vocational training.

NCE Seafood Innovation will be the leading player nationally in terms of offering competence programs. The cluster develops learning material adapted to the industry’s current needs, and we contribute to talent attraction through school projects at different levels.

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