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Access network and competency

NCE Seafood Innovation is a world-leading cluster within seafood innovation, and inside Seapoint, innovators can tap into the global network and specialist industry knowledge the cluster possess.

Industry challenges worth solving

In an open dialogue with cluster partners and members, we initiate industry projects like AquaCloud and gather important challenges inside Seapoint, which must be overcome to further develop Norway as a leading seafood nation.

Challenges that are rooted in the industry, where a solution is highly wanted. If you are looking to start a seafood venture these challenges ensures meaningful impact.  


Public funding for your next steps

Cluster member Evoy, raised NOK 45 millions from the EIC Accelerator, boosting the startup towards global markets.

Inside Seapoint, you find the EIC Accelerator and more than 40 other public funding programs for seafood startups, which is aimed at startups in all phases, from idea to scaling.

Strategic meeting arenas

The Seafood Innovation Day, is one of multiple meeting arenas the cluster is hosting. Where startups meet decision-makers, industry leaders, investors, and other stakeholders in the industry.

Cluster member Marine Technology Innovation, is one of the startups using these meeting arenas. Here, Arnt-Gunther Dietel, one of the founders is pictured speed dating executives and investors. 

“I cannot emphasize enough how much faster we reach our goal by being part of the cluster,” says Dietel.

Get started with Seapoint

In addition to all showcased features, Seapoint offers more inside, and the cluster is continuously improving existing and developing new features to help you build Norway as a leading seafood nation.

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NCE Seafood Innovation is a cluster working towards sustainable seafood growth, by focusing on innovation.

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The cluster consists of partners and members representing the entire seafood value chain.

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