After a week filled with intense discussions, innovative workshops, and inspiring speeches, One Ocean Week 2024 has come to an end. Participants from all over the world gathered to promote understanding of the immense importance of the world’s oceans and explore sustainable solutions to protect this valuable resource.

The event, which took place on different locations in Bergen, became a focal point for a range of key stakeholders – from politicians, scientists, and business leaders to environmental organizations and local communities.

“The Battle of the Ocean”

Following the discussions at the One Ocean Summit 2024, NCE Seafood Innovation, in collaboration with Vest Næringsråd and Øygarden Næringsutvikling, invited to a follow-up event called “The Battle for the Ocean” to continue the important conversation about the future of the seas. This initiative brought together key individuals to explore the challenging aspects of ocean management and sustainable seafood production.

“The battle of the ocean” provided participants with a unique platform to share knowledge, promote innovation, and formulate common goals for sustainable development. This entails balancing different interests and demands from the seafood industry, shipping, tourism, biodiversity conservation, and, importantly, the protection of ecosystems as a whole. Effective ocean management takes into account economic, social, and ecological factors. The aim is to ensure that marine resources can be utilized in a way that maintains their renewable nature, and ensures that marine ecosystems remain healthy and productive for future generations.

Picture of the speakers from the left: Krister Hoaas (Sjømat Norge), Björgólfur Hávarðsson (NCE Seafood Innovation), Kari-Ann Landro (Vest Næringsråd), Nina Rasmussen (Fiskebåt), Harald Sveier (Lerøy Seafood), Hanne Misje Lokøy (Øygarden næringsutvikling), Dorothy Dankel (SINTEF Ocean), Magnus Brekke Nygaard (Visit Bergen), Solveig Holm (NCE Seafood Innovation). Photo: NCE Seafood Innovation.

One Ocean Conference

One of our members, Siri Stenersen Lohne, CFO of Bolaks, was one of the speakers at this year’s One Ocean Conference. She discussed how the industry can work on circular opportunities for fish sludge, and what it takes to go from a good idea to the realization of sustainable investments. She also lifted the issue of who should take the risk in creating new circular value chains, and how to balance risk and return for greener investments.

Lohne emphasizes that everyone must contribute, whether big or small companies, in order to succeed in the transition to a more circular society. In Bolaks, they have initiated a separate project in collaboration with other actors in the value chain, including Blue Ocean Technology and innovation environments through “Land møter Hav” (Land Meets Sea) with Elise Sæle Dahle. In this project, they explore different circular paths for the sludge and look at the scale and sustainability benefits of different solutions.

Bolaks is a company founded and owned by the Holmefjord family. Bolaks aims to produce quality food, in a sustainable and ethical way, with balanced approach to economic return for their owners and value creation for society. They will accomplish this through their strategic focus arenas and sub-goals that enhance profitability through responsible production

Siri Stenersen Lohne at One Ocean Conference 2024 hosted by DNB. Photo: Stig B. Fiksdal.

One Ocean Week 2024 has shown that the commitment to protect our oceans is stronger than ever. With ongoing collaboration and collective efforts, the event carries a message of hope for a more sustainable future for the planet’s seas. Sea you again next year!