– We are dependent on youth sights set on our industry, says CEO Henning Beltestad of Leroy.

Recently he met the Japanese class at Amalie Skram secondary school in Bergen to tell them about Lerøy and opportunities inherent in the seafood industry.

The four travel in late February to Japan, where they will learn even more about Norwegian seafood industry.

– It is exciting and interesting for our students to become aware of the opportunities in the industry in terms of what they will choose later, says assistant principal Olaug Enge Sæther.

 The Seafood Innovation Cluster, which is collaboration between major seafood companies and research groups, behind the academic program for students to learn about Norwegian seafood in Japan.

– For us it is important to show that the seafood industry has become a city industry. Cluster is keen to show that the industry is attractive to youth, we will carry forward the career opportunities it can offer, says leader Tanja Hoel.

In Japan, students should visit Marine Harvest and Leroy Seafood Group in Tokyo. In addition they will get up in the middle of the night to visit the world’s largest fish market and they must at Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Seafood Council.

– It is important to talk about the industry, how we operate and what possibilities lie here for the young, says Beltestad.

The network has partnered with Amalie Skram Vgs, which opened last fall. The plan is to get representatives from the industry to tell if the seafood industry in school, create project tasks students can work in teaching and have a common recruitment event in the autumn.

Students going to Japan get with a task on the trip.

– They will make observations of consumers and trends for Norwegian seafood there, and present observations to cluster partners and the rest of the students at the school, says Hoel