Katapult Ocean and NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster is excited to announce our partnership on innovative solutions from start-ups to a fast growing aquaculture sector. The interests of NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster and Katapult Ocean align on many levels. NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster has an interest in driving innovation for more sustainable seafood production, and Katapult Ocean invests in startups that innovate in this growing business sector.

Bilde lansering samarbeid_nov18 NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster General Manager, Tanja Hoel, says; “NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster is very pleased to enter a partnership agreement with Katapult Ocean. This partnership is an important step towards our goal of being a driving force for innovation in the aquaculture sector in Norway”.

Katapult Ocean find, invest in and scale startups with positive impact on the ocean through the Katapult Ocean Accelerator program, starting in January 2019. During 12 weeks, the start-ups will be pushed to develop their business models, work with pilot customers and focus on how their company can make a lasting impact. NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster will contribute to the accelerator program by facilitating a week in Bergen for the startups, focusing on aquaculture. In addition, they will contribute to Katapult Ocean’s mentor network with their very own R&D manager Björgólfur Hávardsson.

«We feel privileged to be able to draw on the expertise and network of the NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster. Understanding the needs of the industry is critical if the start-ups are to succeed», says Maren Hjorth Bauer, CEO of Katapult Ocean. «We see that the depth of knowledge in the Norwegian ocean cluster is an important reason for international start-ups to come to Norway».


Katapult Ocean finds, invests in, and scales startups with positive impact on our ocean through the Katapult Ocean Accelerator. Starting in January, 12 start-ups from around the world will gather in Oslo for an intense 3-month program focusing on growth and positive impact. The start-ups will cover various ocean industry segments, including aquaculture, transport and subsea technology. Katapult Ocean is privately funded.

As the largest seafood cluster in the world representing the entire value chain, NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster plays a leading role in producing enough healthy and sustainable food for a growing world population. The Seafood Innovation Cluster is one of the 14 Norwegian Innovation Clusters which is a government supported program organized by Innovation Norway, supported by SIVA (The Industrial Development Corporation of Norway), and the Norwegian Research Council.