Digital training videos within RAS are now available to partners and members of NCE Sefood Innovation, in Seapoint, our online innovation portal.

In addition, Blue Planet Academy has created a course within their platform called “RAS technology – construction and water quality”. The course provides in-depth insight into the structure of RAS facilities and the importance of the individual water quality parameters, through videos and following quiz questions.


The aquaculture industry is investing significantly in the development of new production technology within RAS technology. To increase the offer of competence-enhancing measures within RAS, the cluster has initiated a new vocational school offer within RAS, training of teachers within RAS and continuing and further education courses within RAS.

Careful research has shown that there is a need for digital training material within RAS. A video library within RAS technology makes the training opportunities flexible for both industry and academia.

Videos as a complete training course

The project has a goal of producing a set of videos that will form a complete course offering within RAS technology.

We have now completed the first videos in the project together with Blue Planet Academy. These videos show the construction of RAS facilities, basic knowledge of water quality, biological aspects of RAS, as well as dimensioning and operation of RAS.

The videos will enable a portfolio of short courses and flexible module trainings that can be adapted to students in education as well as cover the need for continuing and further education in RAS technology for industry, both for suppliers and breeders.

Seapoint and Blue Planet Academy

The training material is now available to industry and academia through Blue Planet Academy’s platform, and to partners and members of NCE Seafood Innovation through the innovation portal Seapoint.

Close collaboration between industry and academia

To ensure that the video content is relevant to both industry and academia, the subject group of the project consisted of experts from Lerøy, Bremnes Seashore, the University of Bergen and NMBU. Everyone has contributed valuable expertise.

“To ensure relevant and high-quality training videos, it has been important for academia and industry to collaborate with the Blue Planet Academy,” says Benedicte Skogen, Competence Manager at NCE Seafood Innovation.


The project is financed by Bergen Municipality, Vestland County Municipality and Møre og Romsdal County Municipality.