Where can you meet us at One Ocean Week? Here is the full overview of where NCE Seafood Innovation will be during this year’s One Ocean Week!

One Ocean Week kicks off 13-19. April. A week consisting of conferences, meetings, activites and happenings related to the ocean.

One Ocean Week

Kampen om havet – 15. April

In this seminar, we ask: Is sustainable ocean management is possible in the future?

 Here are some of the people you will meet at the seminar:

  • Harald Sveier from Lerøy Seagroup
  • Dorothy Dankel from SINTEF Ocean
  • Magnus Brekke Nygaard from Visit Bergen
  • Krister Hoaas from Sjømat Norge
  • Erlend Haugarvoll, Lingalaks
  • Magnus Brekke Nygaard, Visit Bergen

The seminar will be held in norwegian. For more information and registration: Kampen om havet — NCE Seafood Innovation

NEw research within aquaculture – 16. APRIL

In 2023, the Vestland Regional Research Fund funded the announcement of funding for 8 contracting research projects related to challenges related to the marine industry area together with the Marine Research Fund. Several of the projects are still in the works, but the results of the work are starting to come in. We invite you to an insight into the research work and some timely and very recent hired research results.

In the seminar you will, among other things, hear more from Rune Smistad, from NCE Seafood Innovation/AquaCloud, on how we can strengthen sustanability through environmental data sharing and digital sensor standards in the aquaculture industry.

The seminar will be held in norwegian. For more information.

One Ocean Conference – 16. April

At the One Ocean Conference, you will hear innovation stories from two of our members. They will present projects that originate from being processed through our Seafood Circular program.

Bolaks: «How Sludge Paves the way for Circular Economy in the Seafood Industry»

Speaker: Siri Lohne, Group CFO, Bolaks

Ragn-Sells: «Fishpoop are today an environmental challenge, tomorrow a global source for renuable energy and important nutrients»

Speaker: Pär Larshans, Director of Sustainability, Ragn-Sells Group.

You can find the full program, and tickets here: One Ocean | Events | Business from A to Z – DNB

Partner Gathering – 16. April

We will attend the Partner Gathering at One Ocean Week. There wil be presentation on the status of work on the sub-strategies for One Ocean Agenda, Community, District and Global Committee.

For more information: One Ocean Week – 16. april Partnersamling One Ocean Havbyen Bergen

HAVlunsj – 17. April

Can digitalization and artificial intelligence reduce emisiions in shipping? Learn more at HAVlunsj at Skolten during One Ocean Week! Wednesday 17th April, Maritime CleanTech, in collaboration with EDIH Oceanopolis, invites you to a special HAVlunsj.

To read more, and registration: HAVlunsj — NCE Seafood Innovation

PwC Seminar – 17. April

We are participating in a panel discussion at PwC’s seminar «Norsk akvakultur sin vei mot 2050: Mange bekker små vil skape en bærekraftig stor Å». Meet experts and industry leaders to discuss environmental and biological challenges. Explore how artificial intelligence, sustainable practicies, and efficient risk management can shape the future of aquaculture activities.

Read more about the seminar: Event | PwC

Hvordan løser vi plastfloken? – 18. April

We will be giving a presentation on: «How to make the lifecycle of plastic in the aquaculture industry industry more circular» at the seminar. «Hvordan løser vi plastfloken» is organized by Bergen Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with NORCE, Future Ocean, and the North Atlantic Microplastic Centre.

Read more about the seminar: Hvordan løser vi Plastfloken? – Bergen Næringsråd (bergen-chamber.no)