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Jul 01, 2020


14:00 - 15:30


Online Event

IBM – AI Learn: AI Ladder & IBM Watson

An introduction to AI Ladder & learn more about IBM Watson, by Espen Thilesen and Vidar Svendsen from IBM.

AI Ladder:
A number of organizations have been testing AI in their businesses and experimented with different technologies to learn and understand the potential value of AI in their organization.
However more and more seem to struggle with how to operationalize AI and make it a sustainable value that is used as part of the business and continuously developed further.  The AI Ladder from IBM is the approach that is used globally with clients to support the implementation and operational use of AI based models using Watson and others. You will hear more on the approach and what value this gives to customers.

IBM Watson:
To understand Watson more we will go deeper into what Watson is and how the IBM AI technologies are used around the world. Either you want to build your own AI solutions based
on Watson services or if you want to employ Watson Applications to tackle specific business problems. The Watson walkthrough will give you a better understanding of what technologies
exist and what value they have.

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