Capital Raising in the Seafood Sector

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A capital program for start-ups and scale-ups in NCE Seafood Innovation.

Innovators are vital to solving many of the challenges our industry is facing and startup businesses are important drivers of future growth. We know that entrepreneurs spend a lot of time getting financial backing, and many are faced with the risk of falling short of capital to test, pilot, bring their innovations to market or grow their business. The current pandemic has not made capital raising any easier. NCE Seafood Innovation wants to strengthen entrepreneurship and commercialization in the seafood industry and contribute to making fund raising less challenging and more efficient!

The purpose of the program is to enable entrepreneurs to think strategically about fund raising and to help them get a robust long-term capital strategy in place!

The program consists of four digital training sessions where we focus on scale up strategy, funding roadmap, investor mapping, valuations and deal sizes, investor presentation/pitch etc. In addition, we have 1:1 advisory meetings with every start-up/scale-up. During the program the participants are introduced to relevant investors.

Our Capital Program is an exclusive offer to cluster members over a three month period. In 2020/21 the program will be digital.

The program is a collaboration between Engange // Innovate and NCE Seafood Innovation. The program is financially supported by Bergen Kommune.

Read more about the capital raising in the seafood sector program here.

If you have any questions or want to participate in this program reach out to Pia S.Rønningen at pia@seafoodinnovation.no


Online Event


Aug 31, 2021


10:00 - 13:00

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Capital Raising in the Seafood Sector

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