Future market opportunities

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09.00     Welcome, By Director of International Affairs, Åshild Nakken, Hallvard Lerøy

09.10     NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster’s motivation for international cooperation,    Managing Director Mrs. Tanja Hoel, NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster

09.30    What are Innovation Norway’s instruments for business cooperation with Norwegian Innovation Clusters. Director Siw H. Longvastøl, South Africa

10.00     Perspectives on Norwegian seafood international opportunities

10.15     Cape-Town, Mr. Beverley Lewis

10.15     Nairobi, Mr. Christopher Ssewagudde  

10.30     India, Mr. Arthi Bathia Kumar

Q & A

11.00     Perspectives on Norwegian seafood international opportunities, continue

11.00     Vietnam, Mr. Lien Phuong Dang

11.15     Indonesia, Mrs. Peggy Gaspersz

11.30     Tyrkia, Mrs. Kristianne Storehaug

Q & A

12.30     Research cooperation agreement between Japan and Norway, promoting collaboration among research, innovation and educational institutions and business.       Mr. Svein Grandum, Research and technology, Tokyo

Topics to be focused on:

Which changes are going to be most important, and why?

What needs are there for innovative, multi-disciplinary science?

What are the economic, industrial, political, and societal implications?

Business/ R & D topics of interest includes aquaculture, market opportunities of Norwegian Salmon/Seafood, technology and sustainable solutions, fish health & nutrition, bioprospecting and biomass exploitation. Regulatory aspects of resource exploration, environmental aspects food safety.  R & D and educational instruments for science-business cooperations, specifically on development cooperation and  bilateral agreements with the Norwegian Government and Norway Research Council. IN-logo

At a glance


Future market opportunities

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