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How should we proceed towards cleaner seas? What are seafarers doing to protect the ocean from the pollution that globally threatens wildlife and us humans?

On 30 September, VIS invites you to HAVlunsj, where they will take a deep dive into how the sea, Western Norway’s foremost employer, must be managed sustainably so that we can continue to make a living from it in the future.

We will hear about the challenges NOSCA Clean Oceans is working on, and we will meet three start-ups that see new, exciting opportunities for sustainable food and energy production from the sea.

The lunch meeting is open to everyone and is a great arena to get to know others in the industry better.

The event will be hybrid, with room for 50 physical attendees. Sign up here, and choose digital or physical attendance.


11:30 Introduction by Jon Stang Volden, incubator manager for seas in VIS 

Jon Stang Volden is the incubator leader for VIS ‘new sea venture on Marineholmen in Bergen.

11:35: Eirik Langeland, cluster leader in NOSCA Clean Oceans

This spring, NOSCA carried out a comprehensive and member-driven strategy process, which has given the cluster a new vision, expanded focus and new ambitions and plans. Eirik

Langeland will show the cluster’s updated strategy, and tell how this forms the backdrop for how the cluster works purposefully with change and innovation.

11:50: Ida Hundven, general manager of BuoyTech AS

Newly started BuoyTech AS has in collaboration with the Institute of Marine Research (HI) developed a tool that will be used to prevent the loss of passive fishing gear. This should have a positive effect on the environment, reduce marine litter as well as mortality, loss of material values ​​and improved animal welfare.

12:00: Einar Hauge, Senior Project Manager at Develogic Norway

Develogic Norway delivers underwater solutions in the form of data collection and communication systems, including to LoVeOcean, a national research observatory located on the seabed off Lofoten-Vesterålen. Develogic specializes in complete deliveries that require the integration of various sensors, instruments and real-time data transfer.

12:10 Lars Garen, CEO of Seaguard

SeaGurard offers services, products and technology development with a focus on environmental technology. The company’s core business is water purification with natural and environmentally friendly products. This includes all types of treatment: from algae in sea and fresh water, to wastewater and absorption of water from sludge and sewage

12.20 Kick-off information 7 October

Cecilie Evjen informs about the kick-off for the West Norway network Ocean of Opportunities on 7 October

12:30 Closing – thank you for today

About HAVlunsj
HAVlunsj is a series of lunch meetings hosted by Maritime Bergen, GCE Ocean Technology, NCE Seafood Innovation, VIS, NCE Maritime CleanTech, and Marineholmen.




Sep 30, 2021


11:30 - 12:30


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