Horizon 4 Aquaculture: Precision Aquaculture in the Blue Economy

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Horizon4Aquaculture is a three-day online event to work towards the sustainable growth of the aquaculture sector.

About this event

Aquaculture and sustainable growth go together!

Confirmed by the European Commission in their strategic guidelines for EU aquaculture 2021-2030, and understood by initiatives working to achieve eco-intensification, preserve biodiversity, and develop better practices and technologies, Aquaculture is paving the way to be both a more environmentally friendly and more efficient industry.

Sharing this goal, the EU H2020 funded projects GAIN, iFishIENCi and IMPAQT launch Horizon4Aquaculture, a three-day online event — 15th, 22nd and 29th June —to work together in 3 key aspects: Policy and Regulation, Circularity, and Precision Aquaculture. Horizon4Aquaculture invites researchers, aquaculture farmers, policymakers, national and pan-national aquaculture development organizations to join the conversation and contribute to the present and future of the sector.

  • 15th June. Policy and market. Discussing policies, practices, and regulations, analyzing gaps and opportunities along the entire value chain of aquaculture production, from pre-production to the consumer market.
  • 22nd June. Progress towards Circular Aquaculture. What circularity means in aquaculture, how it should be addressed and measured and how it can become part of the business for aquaculture producers.
  • 29th June. Precision Aquaculture in the Blue Economy. Demo Day to meet the latest innovative technologies developed by GAIN, iFishIENCi and IMPAQT, and how they contribute to solve problems and optimize aquaculture production.

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Jun 29, 2021


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Horizon 4 Aquaculture: Precision Aquaculture in the Blue Economy

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