Innovation to Support Fish Welfare

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EATiP Forum in collaboration with AQUAEXCEL2020 invites to “Innovation to Support Fish Welfare”

Europe has one of the world’s highest standards of animal welfare. It provides the European aquaculture sector with a competitive advantage in the consumer’s search for safe, healthy and environmental-friendly food products. The Farm to Fork Strategy, which is at the heart of the European Green Deal, is aiming to strengthen this position. The EATiP Forum will highlight a set of new technologies and scientific innovations that can contribute to supporting fish welfare and hence the overall sustainability and public acceptance of aquaculture. Join us for short talks about innovative solutions and new findings, discussions with panel members and for letting us know what you are interested in!

The forum is organised in collaboration with the EU funded project AQUAEXCEL2020.

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  • Remote monitoring and analysis and fish welfare indicators in realtime. Sven Jørund Kolstø / CEO Optoscale
  • Novel sensors to measure distributed flow in aquaculture sea cages. AQUAEXCEL2020 Asko Ristolainen /Tallinn University of Technology
  • Water Quality Monitoring in Relation to Animal Welfare. Mette Cristine Schou Frandsen / OxyGuard International
  • Improving salmon feeding process with the Smart System for Feeding Control (SICA). AQUAEXCEL2020 Rosa Martínez Álvarez-Castellanos / CTN-Marine Technology Centre
  • AI-based fish health diagnosis. Dominik Ewald / Co-founder & CSO Monitorfish


Online Event


Nov 26, 2020


10:00 - 12:00

Innovation to Support Fish Welfare

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