Innovation Workshop 2:3 Reducing Carbon Footprint

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NCE Seafood Innovation aims to contribute to sustainable seafood growth by focusing on innovation. Facilitating interaction across the industry is part of our work to increase innovation, and we are now inviting all our cluster members to 3 workshops in our new program “Innovation workshops”.


Innovation Workshop 2:3 Reducing Carbon Footprint

There is a need to explore new solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Properly preserving and utilizing our oceans and marine resources represent extensive opportunities in reduction of the carbon footprint. In addition to increasing seafood consumption globally, agents in the industry are continually exploring prospects enabling seafood growth and at the same time contributing to reducing the carbon footprint.

NCE Seafood Innovation will look closer into projects and collaborations reducing carbon footprint, such as reducing energy sources in operations, using new ingredients in fish feed, and new ways of using seaweed.

This workshop aims to highlight challenges and needs in the industry and reveal opportunities for new projects and collaborations for increased innovation.

Time: November 18, 13:00-15:30
Venue: Online
Registered attendees will receive a link for participation the day before the event.
Due to the current Covid-19 situation, these innovation workshops are held online.




Nov 18, 2020


13:00 - 15:30

Innovation Workshop 2:3 Reducing Carbon Footprint

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