NASF Seafood Innovation Day

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Seafood Innovation Day, part of the North Atlantic Seafood Forum (NASF), offers a session at the online event with presentations of cutting-edge startup companies and a live voting from the audience for the Seafood Innovation Award.

13:00 Welcome and introduction, NCE Seafood Innovation
13:05 Pitches showcasing seafood startups:
–Seas of Norway, CEO Lucas Gates
–Kuehnle AgroSystems, CEO Adelheid Kuehnle
–MicroClean, Helle Evensen
–Blue Lion Labs, CEO Jason Deglint and COO Katie Thomas
13:30    Break
13:40    Startup pitching continues
–SeaRAS, CEO Eldar Lien
–Pure Lobster, COO Nikolai Eide
–Ocean Rainforest, CEO Olavur Gregersen
–Seaguard, CEO Lars Garen
–Tracio, CEO Stefán Jones (Presentation from last year’s winner)
14:20    Live voting for the Seafood Innovation Award
14:30    End

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Startups presenting the most exciting innovations for sustainable growth in the seafood industry:

SeaRAS AS (Norway) focuses on “RAS Innovation”. Their products and solutions aim to improve water quality, as in order to succeed with fish farming in closed tanks.  “Measure – Analyse – Control” is important when monitoring and controlling the water. With their tool SeaRAS Aquasense, they are able to monitor the H2S in water, which is non-exicisting in the industry today.

Seaguard (Norway) offers services, products and technology development mainly focused on sustainable environmental technology that contributes to maintaining the coastal industry.

Pure Lobster AS (Norway) will be the first to conduct intensive farming of Australian red claw in land-based facilities on large scale. The species is highly fertile, tolerant of various environmental conditions, with a simple reproductive cycle and fast growth. They are combining red claw’s unique features with excisting RAS technology, sustainable organic feed, and fresh Norwegian water.

Seas of Norway (Norway) is a seaweed farming technology company creating innovative cultivation systems and biomass for new product creation. Working in tandem with other aquaculture, they harness nutrients produced by fish and shrimp to grow seaweed while cleaning the ocean, producing oxygen and absorbing carbon. Their aim is to reduce the harmful effects from aquaculture while providing environmentally friendLy biomass to create new products.

Kuehnle AgroSystems (Hawaii) has developed a patented a low-cost fermentation technology to produce natural astaxanthin for the aquafeeds market. Astaxanthin is commonly added in a synthetic form for improving coloration of salmonids and crustaceans.

Blue Lion Labs (Canada) is a machine learning and software company developing innovative solutions to challenges faced by fisheries and aquaculture. They are currently developing a real time monitoring system which automatically detects harmful organisms in the water, and reports this to key decision makers.

Ocean Rainforest (Faroe Island) is a rainforest in the ocean. Their purpose is to improve people´s wellbeing by growing seaweed, while making a unique contribution to our blue planet.

MicroClean AS (Norway) has developed a new green technology for disinfecting production tools made of plastic. This technology is supposed to kill listeriosis and bacteria, and it is based on wet heat by microwaves and “radiation”.

Tracio (Iceland) works to keep seafood fresh and safe. Tracio is a startup company with a team of seafood veterans, IoT experts, and lifelong entrepreneurs that want to change how we understand and manage freshness and food safety for Seafood, and most importantly to make seafood more sustainable for our planet. They are developing a new system based on chemical sensors and visual indicators that detect spoilage gases, and with machine learning, offer dynamic expiry dates and freshness indication all the way from production to the fridge at home. Tracio won the Seafood Innovation Award NASF 2020 last year.


Online Event


Jun 08, 2021


13:00 - 14:30

NASF Seafood Innovation Day

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