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Ocean Tech 2 The ocean industries are and will increasingly be impacted by exponential technological development, and the OECD estimates that ocean-based industries could double their contribution to the global economy by 2030. At this year’s summit we will address the role innovation and leading technology plays in a sustainable ocean economy.

At the same time the ocean is already under pressure as a result of climate change, overfishing and pollution. The ocean will be vital in meeting many of today’s major global challenges. By 2050, the world population is expected to surpass 9 billion. A rapidly growing population means increased demand for food, energy, transport and minerals. The sustainable use of the oceans and the maintenance of good environmental status can lead to significant value creation, and can enable us to meet some of the world’s most vital needs in the years to come. Maintaining healthy ocean environments is a fundamental precondition for business to operate in the long-term, and addressing current challenges provides a significant business opportunity.

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