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AquaCloud enables Cluster members to collaborate on a common cloud platform. This digital innovation platform uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide new insights in solving Sea-Lice challenges in Salmon farming.  AquaCloud enables a new technology platform to foster faster innovation.

Together with Knowit the Cluster has proposed a future strategy to shape an ecosystem around AquaCloud creating value-added products and services for achieving faster innovation based on AquaCloud data.


Chairman of the Board Einar Wathne, President of Cargill Aqua Nutrition will present how Cluster companies can harvest innovation value from the opportunities in AquaCloud:

Results from AquaCloud pilot, Björgólfur Hávardsson, Innovation Manager
AquaCloud technology platform, Helge Stubberud, IBM
Future road map of AquaCloud, Knowit, Henning Dahl
AquaCloud 2.0, Geir Lasse Taranger, Research Director, IMR
Strategic Innovation funding for AquaCloud & cluster members, Einar Wathne

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