R&D meeting: Gill health

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In this R&D meeting, we will focus on gill health.  We are going to discuss the current state of knowledge status and the way forward.

Gill health is crucial to ensure the well-being of farmed fish, and gill health syndrome ranks among the leading causes of reduced welfare.

The goal of this R&D meeting is to shed light on this issue, assess the current state of knowledge, and initiate further research if deemed necessary and of interest to the group. Additionally, we aim to propose actions that the industry can take to reduce the problem.

Join us! This meeting welcomes all passionate individuals dedicated to fish health, whether you work directly or in relation to the seafood industry.

Participants can join at 12:00 to get lunch before the meeting.


This meeting is supported by Vestland County Council.

Research and development meetings are an interdisciplinary meeting place where we gather relevant experts and researchers to discuss different subjects.

Photos: Copyright Hamish Rodger and Ana Herrero.



Thormøhlens Gate 51, 5006 Bergen, Norway


Nov 02, 2023


12:30 - 16:00

R&D meeting: Gill health

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