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Apr 19, 2023


14:00 - 16:00

Visions from the Ocean – secondary value chains in real life

How can we implement circular economy in real life? Get inspiration from some of those who are working with doing just that.

Join us at Bryggen for a two-hour event on MS Vision of the Fjords. There will be presentations from intriguing companies demonstrating circular economy in practice, as well as something to eat – of course from the ocean.


Circular economy in real life

In addition to networking and a snack, you will get

  • A presentation of a Norwegian-Icelandic-Portuguese initiative for knowledge and technology transfer.
  • Exciting companies on stage, demonstrating circular economy in action.
  • Showcase the sustainable seafood industry in Øygarden municipality.


Detailed program

14:00 – Welcome and intro from

  • the Portuguese project Roadmap4MarineCoproducts
  • the Icelandic Ocean Cluster
  • NCE Seafood Innovation

14:30 – Circular ecosystem in real life: Sekkingstad, Sotra Fiskeindustri and Biomega share their experience.

14:45 – Break and taste of the ocean with video from Salmon Cuts

15:10 – Ragn-Sells: Utilising sludge from fishfarms

15:35 – Break and taste of the ocean with video from Salmon Cuts

15:45 – New flavours from the ocean with Tekslo and Scalmarin


The gathering is carried out in collaboration with Vest Næringsråd, Øygarden Næringsutvikling and the Portuguese innovation company Blue Bioeconomy CoLAB.

This event is part of the One Ocean Week. Check out the full program here.

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