In June, ICES begins a two-day Aquaculture Dialogue Meeting in Bergen, Norway, that brings together industry, stakeholders, policy-managers, and scientists to discuss how science can advise and support sustainable aquaculture.


​​​​​​​​​​​Key considerations for the meeting include aquaculture-environmental interactions, further development of methods and standards, and establishing links with industry for on-going communication on science and advisory needs.

"Aquaculture is a key food growth area into the future and the objective of this dialogue meeting is to clearly identify how the ICES science and advisory system can be used to support sustainable aquaculture development," says Cornelius Hammer, ICES First Vice President and chair of the meeting.

"Aquaculture is an important component of the ICES Strategic Plan and an open dialogue with all stakeholders is central to assessing gaps and needs, and avoiding duplication of efforts."

ICES Strategic Plan (2014-2018) focuses on t​​he evaluation and provision of data and information, science, and advice on options for the sustainable use and protection of marine ecosystems. An element of this is recognizing the need to produce the information and advice decision-makers need and responding to the evolving policy context and requests that support sustainable aquaculture.

The meeting has attracted close to 150 participants, including ministers from the host country and the Faroe Islands.

A meeting agenda is available here.​

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