Minister of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, Monica Mæland and Minster of Local Government and Modernization Tore Sanner announced today that the Seafood Innovation Cluster in Bergen to be a Norwegian Centre of Expertise (NCE). The objective of the NCE is to support business clusters with huge growth potential.

High ambitions

The Seafood Innovation Cluster is one of the most complete seafood clusters in the world, and represents a fully integrated value chain. In total there are over 70 partners, representing international organizations, pioneering SME’s, specialized suppliers with a world leading research and educational community. The goal of the cluster is a sustainable threefold growth of Norwegian Seafood production by 2030. The Cluster has business operations on the entire coast of Norway and in all major salmon regions in the world.

– We are optimistic to the program Norwegian Centre of Expertise to increase the clusters knowledge and innovation collaboration.  Knowledge hold the key towards sustainable development of the industry.  NCE program has a good structure to facilitate collaboration and a platform to increase new sustainable businesses and business models. NCE is well adapted to other major innovation programs, Center for Research Based Innovations on technology and salmon lice, says Board of Director Einar Wathne, CEO EWOS Group.

The clusters awarded NCE-status must have global position and collaboration, with great potential for further growth, based on research-based innovations and knowledge collaboration. The clusters are of importance for future value creation.

– Rector Dag Rune Olsen from the University of Bergen is very proud that we have been as an important cluster for future innovation and growth of the seafood industry.  University of Bergen has a long strategy to increase the quality of marine research and education to the seafood industry.  NCE-program will strengthen our international position and more research-based innovation in the seafood industry.  

– We know there is a great potential to increase food production from the oceans. Researches has estimated a six-fold growth within 2050. To achieve such a goal, research, innovation and collaborations must be on the top of our mindsets, says Tanja Hoel, General manger of the Cluster.

The Bergen Region has in addition to a strong seafood cluster, a highly advanced technology leading maritime and subsea cluster.  Together, the ocean cluster represents a world leading technology, to bring new ocean cross over innovations for future sustainable development of the seafood cluster.

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