As part of our strategic pillar Supplier & Technology Development, GCE Subsea and NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster have received funding for phase 2 from Hordaland County.

Oljeoggass, aug The cluster-to-cluster project “Ocean Technology Crossover” between GCE Subsea and NCE Seafood innovation is facilitated by Deloitte and sponsored by Hordaland County. Collaborating partner Kontali Analyse contributes with analyses and competence on the global aquaculture market. 

In phase 1 of the project the main challenges of the aquaculture industry were reviewed and matched with competence and solutions from the offshore Oil & Gas industry in order to identify possible areas of innovation.

Phase 1 was wrapped up with a one-day excursion and workshop where the participants discussed possible crossover topics. Some of the potential areas for crossover that were identified, were control and instrumentation systems, remote control, sensor technology, advanced image recognition, data acquisition and analysis, tracking systems, environmental survey, piping and valves, surface protection and anti-corrosion, marine operations, diving and ROV support, anchoring, materials etc.

The way ahead
In Phase 2 the project will proceed to zoom in on some of the most potent areas for innovation crossover and set up a project organization and a series of networking events. Here representatives from Aquaculture will meet representatives from offshore Oil & Gas to discuss innovative solutions that can be derived from existing offshore Oil & Gas knowledge and solutions. Possible solutions will be qualified by an expert group and prioritized for further development with a view to initiate several R&D projects.

Elements from well proven methods for networking and spurring innovation, like Subsea Next Step (Lean business acceleration), Seafood Accel and Subsea Møteforum (Speed-dating) will be applied in the project.

Further information and invitation to participate will follow, but any companies interested in taking part can contact the undersigned.

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