Norwegian Research Council has granted NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster and Bergen Marine Research Cluster fundings to promote Norwegian Aquaculture in EU funding programs.

“AquaMare” is the name of the new consortium, representing Europe’s largest marine research- and industry consortium. The main goal is to promote Norwegian Aquaculture in European funding programs, such as Joint Programming Initiatives (JPI) and Food2030, but also a strategic commitment towards the new Research & Innovation framework – the “FP9”.  

-The project will establish a national interdisciplinary reference group that can help define future Industrial leadership goals and promote aquaculture to be recognized and prioritized as a central provider of sustainable global food production, says Tanja Hoel, Managing Director at NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster.

– To succeed, we need to ensure that Norway is considered a relevant and important partner in new European projects, professional secretariats and participation in relevant EU-forums which is precisely what AquaMare will seek to achieve, she continues.

-The oceans are becoming increasingly important to us. An ever growing population and sustained climate change has resulted in an increased pressure on the marine resources. Providing sustainable solutions to growing societal challenges require a close collaboration between industry and research, and also between national and international stakeholders. Facilitating such collaboration across sectors and disciplines is a key task for us, says Dr. Øyvind Paasche, Leader of Bergen Marine Research Cluster.

AquaMare goal is to capitalize on the resources available through this powerful consortium, and unite and consolidate shared interests in science and industry that relates to Aquaculture and Seafood production.  Together the Cluster’s have set a goal to impact the general direction of future EU-funded programs, improve our success rate to our partners and consequently make Norwegian Aquaculture interests more relevant to EU.

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