1. 70 companies are now a part of our community in the Seafood Innovation Cluster. Several new seafood companies will join us in 2017.

2. Several new education programs; Excecutive MBA in Sustainable Innovation in Global Seafood, Integrated Master program in Sustainable Seafood & Aquaculture, and Seafood Trainee.

3. Ten innovative entrepreneurs in our incubator program ACCEL Seafood.

4.  New Excellence program in Research and Education between Norway & Japan in Sustainable Aquaculture.

5.  New National Micro Algaeplant for sustainable fish feed, together with CO2Bio and The University of Bergen.

6. New Research & Innovation Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture Innovations, with University of Bergen and Uni Research.

7. More than 3000 students joined our events, to inspire young talents to a career in a sustainable seafood business. 

8. New R&D Manager and EU Advisor to increase our partners innovation capabilities in the cluster.

9. EAT-Fish, at the EAT Stockholm Food Forum 2016, highlighting the importance of seafood in food security and nutrition.

10. We are honored by the interest and enthusiasm which we find all around for our Cluster.


We are very grateful to all our partners and extremely pleased with our sustainability efforts in the year 2016.

Our goal is using our knowledge for a responsible sustainable increase of seafood production and create more value and jobs while doing so.

In our Status Report for 2016 you can read more about our accomplishments in 2016.

We wish you a wonderful holiday season!

Holiday greetings from
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