All this pitch training will pay off. The EU’s SME Instrument will resemble a venture capital process and promote radical innovation.

Horizon 2020-#investEUresearch Source: EASME, Executive Agency for SMEs

On 10 October 2017, the EU’s Executive Agency for SMEs published the draft 2018-2020 Work Programme  announcing a radical overhaul of the SME Instrument process to resemble more of a venture capital process.

Topics are gone, business case is king
Pre-defined topics as was the case in previous programmes are removed. This means that entrepreneurs are free from having to fit their project into one topic. The focus is rather on radical, market-creating innovation and strong business case.

Less writing, more pitching
Application forms are made easier, adapted to standard business practice and language. What is new during Phase 2 is the introduction of face-to-face interviews with top applicants who will be invited to pitch in Brussels. Only the best and most disruptive innovation ideas will cut it. In the course of 2018 NCE Seafood will be organising pitch training for partners.

Access to investors is improved
The last and maybe most important change is that the pool of expert evaluators has significantly expanded to include investors.   

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