The Cluster, together with the CO2Bio AS and the new Algae pilot facility from the University of Bergen, has set an ambition to build a solid innovation platform on local production methods of micro algae. Our ambition is to develop and apply knowledge that can boost innovation of new functional, cost-effective and sustainable raw materials in salmon feed.

In early 2017, the last technical adaptations were made to the National microAlgae pilot Mongstad (NAM). The reactors have run since the beginning of May, with some exceptions due to technical failure. CO2Food has selected 7 strains as possible interesting candidates for aquafeed, following the industrial requirements on nutritional profile.

The biomass produced under the standard operating conditions at NAM gives us benchmark productivity value (biomass, EPA and DHA). Moreover, the biomass has been used to optimize the harvesting process with the new Evodos separator at NAM, and in September this biomass has been used for the first trials on development and optimization of the bead milling process.

For more info, read Progress Report here