Our Cluster is dedicated to increase Knowledge & Competence in the entire seafood value chain

59c50f4ade236 Early-bird-price –  Executive MBA in Global Seafood

Autumn 2018 there will be startup for the 2nd International Executive MBA in Global Seafood. Apply before 31st of December to get earlybird price.
This program focuses on sustainable innovation in the seafood industry, and is an international MBA with participant from all over the world. The meetings takes place in Bergen, Tokyo and Canada.

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We are seeking companies for our Seafood Trainee Program 2018.  Seafood Trainee is a great opportunity to secure the best workforce for you. Candidates are hired for 1 year and are following a program designed for the seafood industry. Seafood Trainee starts up 15th of August 2018. 

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55 millions to support sustainable and innovative seafood production

The project "KABIS" is rewarded funding from the Research Council of Norway.

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