Tanja Hoel, Managing Director of The Seafood Innovation Cluster, has decided to move on in a new position from the first of February 2019. The Board will start searching for a new leader with the right qualifications to take the Cluster to the next stage.

DSC02434 “Tanja Hoel has for many years demonstrated excellent leadership of the Cluster, and we are impressed by her accomplishments”, says Einar Wathne, Chairman of the Board. “We are sorry that she has decided to leave, but she will be passing on a Cluster with a strong national position and visibility that is recognized to be one of the top performing Clusters in Norway.”

An exciting journey with the Cluster

“The Cluster has been my job and hobby since it all started with a great vision in 2011, and I am grateful to have been part of this adventurous journey,” says Tanja Hoel. “Today, we are a team of 5 highly dedicated people and a growing Cluster community, both in terms of members and collaboration products. I am proud to see long-lasting footprints from our collaboration efforts, like new educational programs, new testing facilities and new innovation-platforms.”

“The decision of leaving was difficult, but the timing is good,” she continues. “The new cluster strategy under development to be approved in December, represents exciting opportunities and will empower the new leader to release the full potential in the Cluster.”

Tanja Hoel is going to the new position as Director for Business Development in Alver municipality, a new region in Western Norway. “I will move on to a position with new challenges that will give me broader experience in leadership,” she says. “If I return to the seafood industry in the future, it will be with a stronger leadership platform.”

Chairman will take on an active role

“We have an excellent administrative team and will run business as usual until a new leader is engaged,” says Einar Wathne. “Tanja will be with the Cluster until the 1st of February, and this give us the necessary time to find a new leader with the right qualifications to take the Cluster into the next stage. My changes in Cargill give me the opportunity to dedicate more time to the Cluster. I will take on a more active role as Chairman of the Board, and I am highly motivated to contribute in the next stage of the Cluster”, he continues.