This week our partner Katapult Ocean visited Bergen to learn from the best within the seafood industry.


About Katapult Ocean
Katapult Ocean finds, invests in, and scales startups with positive impact on our ocean through the Katapult Ocean Accelerator. Starting in January, 12 start-ups from around the world will gather in Oslo for an intense 3-month program focusing on growth and positive impact. The start-ups will cover various ocean industry segments, including aquaculture, transport and subsea technology. Katapult Ocean is privately funded.

First Batch
In January the first bactch of ocean tech startups met in Oslo.  During 12 weeks, the start-ups will be pushed to develop their business models, work with pilot customers and focus on how their company can make a lasting impact. Read more about the companies here.

NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster will contribute to the accelerator program by facilitating a week in Bergen for the startups, focusing on aquaculture. In addition, they will contribute to Katapult Ocean’s mentor network with their very own aquaculture expert, R&D manager Björgólfur Hávardsson.

Visited Bergen
This week Katapult Ocean visted Bergen. They got a great introduction to the innovative environment in Bergen. It is of great importance for the start-ups to draw on the expertise and business network from the members and partners in the Cluster. A special thanks to Grieg Seafood, with Trond Kathenes and Christian Birkeland, Lerøy Seafood, with Krister Hoaas and Sigurd Tonheim in Cargill for great presentation and good mentoring for the start-ups.