In competition with 12 companies at Seafood Innovation Day NASF 2019, the seafood industry´s own innovation award was shared between RemoraXYZ from Costa Rica and GentiRate from USA. RemoraXYZ has developed traceability solutions for fishing boats and their catch, and GentiRate was presenting technology for genetic selection improving sustainability and production.

Bilde2– RemoraXYZ
RemoraXYZ from Costa Rica has developed technological solutions that give small coastal fleets the possibility to maintain cost-efficient and reliable traceability of their catch, enabling even small vessels to document the sustainability of their catch.

Most of the schemes documenting sustainability of the catch are designed for industry scale operations, and high price excludes artisanal and coastal fleets from participation. However, the benefit of sustainability documentation and price premium can become a major benefit for these groups of fishermen globally. Using creativity and novel solutions Remora XYZ gives small coastal fleets and artisanal fishermen an opportunity to document sustainability and harvest the benefits.

GenetiRate from USA identifies fastest growing embryos through a high-throughput, low-cost test to improve sustainability and production. They use their proprietary diagnostic assay to test various aquatic eggs, embryos, hatchlings and tissues to select aquatic species with greater growth potential and feed efficiency.

GenetiRate holds the exclusive license to the first patented pending technology that allows for quantitative high-throughput measurement of metabolic rate to select individual aquatic animals with improved feed efficiency and growth rate.

The Seafood Innovation Award
The seafood industry itself has taken initiative for the prize aimed at stimulating and recognizing knowledge-based innovation and entrepreneurship. The winners were selected by the audience through a live poll on Seafood Innovation Day at the world’s largest seafood conference, North Atlantic Seafood Forum, in Bergen, March 7th, 2019.

Entrepreneurship to match industry-needs
For the first time at Seafood Innovation Day, all the start-up companies competing for the Seafood Innovation Award participated in a match-making event with businesses and investors. Read more about the 12 start-ups here.

– To reach the vision of enabling sustainable seafood growth, we need to build an innovation ecosystem for growth and competitiveness, said Solveig Holm, Interim Cluster Manager of The Seafood Innovation Cluster. – It is important to strengthen entrepreneurship to match industry-needs and to show how innovative start-ups can contribute to new solutions in the seafood industry.

Read the program for Seafood Innovation Day here.

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