Together with our partners and members we have achieved many of our aspirations and objectives in the first quarter of 2019. In our Q1 report you can read more about our key achievements.

Status Report We have launched our new strategy with an overall vision of enabling sustainable seafood growth. To reach the objective of building an ecosystem for growth and competitiveness in Norwegian seafood, we have introduced Entrepreneurship and Commercialization as a new business area in addition to the existing areas of priority Knowledge and Innovation. Read more

To meet the strategy and answer to the feedback from our members, we have launched The Executive Seafood Forum – a think tank for future innovation in the seafood industry and an advisory forum for the Board of Directors. The new forum comprises of top leaders from the shareholders and strategic partners from industry and academic institutions. Read more

63 partners and members
1,5 mNOK funding to new education programs in Recirculated Aquaculture Systems
29 candidates in 16 companies in Seafood Trainee group #3
365 applicants to 15 participating companies in Seafood Trainee group #4
1,2 mNOK to project Subsea meets Aquaculture Phase 3
75 mNOK in EU funded collaborative innovation projects in the Cluster
20 m€ applied for in 3 collaboration EU projects
100 Cluster partners and members at Partner Meeting
190 participants at Seafood Innovation Day NASF 2019
12 international start-ups pitching at Seafood Innovation Day
11 international start-ups participated in Katapult Ocean accelerator program

Thanks to all our partners and members for your support!
You can read more about our activities in Q1 2019 in our Status Report.