This week our Seafood Trainees, group 3, had their last meeting in Tromsø. In Tromsø new valuechains, networking and the opportunity to see the midtnight sun at Sommerøya was the main highlights.

29 trainees have followed the Seafood Trainee program which ended this week with a trip to Tromsø. In Tromsø we started our meeting at SIVA Innovasjonspark where Norrinova had prepared a great program for us. Norinnova is one of the largest competence environments in Northern Norway within idea development from research and innovation. It was interesting to learn how Norrinova works with commercializaton of reseach, and the importance of establishing new value chains.

Day two, we visited BioTep, a national facility for marine bioprocessing. Here we learned how the flexible mini-factory high technology companies companies can test and optimize their processes to extract all desired components from marine- and plant-based biomass. After visiting BioTep we drove to Havbruksstasjonen, Senter for Marin Akvakultur. The centre and its associated marine facility are designed for breeding cod, but also offer outstanding facilities for other types of trials with cod and other marine species.

On our way to Sommerøya we visited Bottarga Borealis, a producer of salted and dried cod roe. Impressive to learn how this small producer has developed a high-end-product within their segment. The roe is sold for 1000 NOK per kilo and are used frequently in 25 Michellin awarded restaurants.

Back in Tromsø we were invited to visit Karls Fisk og Skalldyr, a fish producer focusing on quality rather quantity, and do the utmost to ensure that their customers are satisfied. Impressive to see the engagement and proudness of the seafood industri from the people working in the factory.

The program was wrapped up with presentations from Norges Råfisklag and Hermes. Norges Råfisklag is the fishermen’s own sales organization and it operates a well-functioning and modern marketplace for sustainable, wild-caught Norwegian seafood. The Seafood Trainee program focus on the whole value chain within aquaculture, fisheries and new value chains and we look at it from all perspectives. Hermes is a traditional fishing company which uses modern methods and prioritises quality, safety and the environment.

Next group
We are these days concluding the recruiting prosess to the next group of Seafood Trainee with startup August 2019. We are happy to learn that many new companies wants to join the program, and that the Seafood Trainee group will count 30 trainees next year.