Internationally the aquaculture industry has adapted a science-based approach to growth and problem solution. The scientific base for the aquaculture industry is cutting-edge research that is continuously being added and generating new knowledge in the industry on a daily base. However, this presents a challenge to the users of science and publications. Discussing with farmers we became aware of this bottleneck – the uptake and use of the findings into management and biosecurity plans.

The collaboration project between NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster and Mohn Centre for Innovation and Regional Development has the aim is to understand the unavoidable gap between cutting edge research and the industrial application of the research and seed to find methods to reduce the gap and shorten the time between publication and application. As a cluster, we are in a position to react challenges that is reduce knowledge sharing and innovation in the industry. To aligned with the Cluster’s mission and support the industry in finding solutions across companies and sectors, we are addressing this issue through the project “ Mind The Gap”.

Using the research on one specific pathogenic microorganism (Flavobacterium psychrophilum) and present biosecurity manuals used onsite in flow through and RAS sites, we seek to understand the gap between research and application. We choose this bacterium as the science is fairly recent and not too overwhelming in volume, making it possible to gain a quick overview and trace the findings in the manuals.

By using tools such as Watson Discovery the industry has the possibility to develop user friendly methods to be current with biosecurity management in site management.

The Cluster is already using similar methods on sealice literature in order to gain overview and insights.

The project is founded by Vestland fylkeskommune and will include two networking meetings where we gather stakeholders and discuss initial findings, decide the road ahead and finalise the project.

Are you interested to join the project?

Contact Project Consultant, Patricia Apablaza at

First network meeting is on the 21st of February at Marineholmen. Mind