We are already way into a new year. In the Cluster we have a lot of exciting plans for our projects and activities during 2020, and we are already setting many of these into action in the start of the year. We look forward to a good cooperation with you all to contribute to value for our members and the seafood industry within our strategic focus areas.

Our focus areas: Competence, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Cluster is involved in many exciting innovation projects with our partners, and the Aquacloud project is developing rapidly – here are many forces working together towards standardization of the three defined areas: 1) Fish Health data, 2) Environmental data and 3) Sensory data. In addition, the project is working to develop the database on how this data can be available for research, development and innovation in the industry.

This spring we will launch a new competence program, Seafood Next. After gaining good experience with the Seafood Trainee program over several years, we see together with the industry, a need to offer a program where companies can send new employees (who are not new graduates) on a competence program to expand their insight on the seafood industry. We look forward to starting the first group in Q2.

Entrepreneurship became a new focus area in 2019. Here we have gotten a good start and established a competent and committed resource group during the fall of 2019. Furthermore, we have started several activities focusing on increasing competence, capital and network within the landscape of the seafood industry. Progress is also being made weekly in the ‘connecting box’, the Seafood Innovation Portal, this will be a good arena for providing expertise and strengthening interaction in the seafood industry. This is also a key tool for the entrepreneurship work that is done in the Cluster.

Some projects are specifically mentioned here, but there are many more to mention. To give you a better insight into our work, we send out our Annual Report, here we present some projects and highlight some of our activities in NCE Seafood Innovation. Feel free to contact us if you want to know more.

Read more in the Annual Report 2019. Click to download.

Best regards,
Nina Stangeland
Manager Director, NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster