«Coast Seafood export 100 000 tons a year to 80 different markets globally. They have a strong mindset and focus on sustainability, innovation and digitalization which makes them a good partner and contributor to the NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster. We believe that they will strengthen our Cluster and add significant value to our joint mission; to work towards a sustainable seafood growth and competitiveness» says Nina Stangeland, Managing Director at NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster.

Coast «We have already experienced the Cluster’s ability to attract talent through the Seafood Trainee program, in which we have participated for three consecutive years. Our impression is that the group is highly capable of supporting the seafood industry in a positive way, and we wish to expand the scope of our cooperation by becoming a part of the cluster»  says Sverre Søraa, CEO of Coast Seafood.

Coast Seafood started as an exporter of Atlantic salmon in 1994 and has since developed into a complete seafood company with stakes in different parts of the value chain. Today, Coast Seafood is engaged in aquaculture, processing, sales & marketing as well as air cargo handling. The total headcount is close to 150 employees spread across Oslo, Bergen, Tromsø, Haugesund, Boston (USA) and their head office in the coastal town Måløy. In 2019, Coast Seafood generated revenues close to 5 billion NOK and exported more than 100 000 tons of seafood to 400 different customers in 80 markets.

Coast Seafood has three core values of being reliable, visionary and agile, and wants to promote innovation and sustainability in everything they do. Sverre Søraa says “we firmly believe that in order to solve the issues the industry faces today, there is a need for industry participants and research institutions to come together and share knowledge and experiences.” and that “we will gladly share our experiences from different parts of the value chain to help the cluster achieve its goal of building an ecosystem for sustainable growth and competitiveness for the Norwegian seafood industry.”

NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster believes industrial collaboration is the way forward and works along the three pillars of Knowledge, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship to gather collective efforts towards sustainable seafood growth. Nina Stangeland adds “we look forward to giving Coast Seafood a warm welcome as a partner in NCE Seafood Innovation. They have over several years been engaged in our Seafood Trainee program, and we are happy to see that they would like to strengthen the collaboration with the cluster (through a partnership).”

Learn more about Coast Seafood on their website. Coast1