Industry challenges engaged hundreds of professionals yesterday when the Fish Health Report 2020 from the Norwegian Veterinary Institute was announced. Openness about the challenges also engaged another important group – the next generation.

One of two cohorts at Fusa VGS following yesterday’s seminar about the Fish Health Report 2020. Photo: Tove Boge Eriksen.

Yesterday, the Norwegian Veterinary Institute and NCE Seafood Innovation hosted a online seminar to announce the ‘Fish Health Report 2020’. Being open, sharing, and having smart people come together is vital to solving the bottlenecks in the seafood industry – with 900 registrants and hundreds of engaged attendees, it’s no doubt that the topic engages employees along the coast of Norway.

Openness engages an important generation
Through an open event with a full day program, highlighting challenges to fish health and fish welfare, the next generation came close to industry challenges.

We wanted to prioritize this as it’s important and relevant to what the students are studying, says Tove Boge Eriksen, an aquaculture teacher at Fusa VGS, a pleasant change now that we cannot travel on excursions.

And the next generation is important, as they will be helping us in the next round with future innovations.

Fishy lessons. Photo: Tove Boge Eriksen.

How does the fish have it?
The Fish Health Report 2020 is an annual report from the Norwegian Veterinary Institute, showcasing the current status and important challenges the seafood industry faces. Read the full report here: