Registration for the second group of Seafood Next is now open! Many of the seafood industry’s newest employees want more insight into how the industry works and build their network. NCE Seafood Innovation’s contribution is a brand new competence programme called “Seafood Next”. The first group started their training in September 2020, and 36 participants were taking part of the program. The next program is starting up May 26 and is now open for registration.

In 2016, the cluster launched Seafood Trainee, Norway’s first trainee programme for the seafood industry, which has already become a recognized brand within the industry.

– This programme has been a great success and helped the companies attracting young talent and impulses. Seafood Next is partially based on the foundation we laid down, says Benedicte Skogen, Competence Manager at NCE Seafood Innovation.

Assists newly employed
While Seafood Trainee aims at making the industry more attractive and attracting the best qualified newly educated, Seafood Next will build the competence of those who have just joined the industry.

–  Seafood Next is an international competence programme for the newly employed in the industry. The goal is to teach the candidates about the entire value chain of the fishing and seafood industry and the leading trends, says Skogen.

Companies who had participated in the Seafood Trainee programme signalled they had need of a training programme for the newly employed.

– We also uncovered that in general there’s a great need for learning more about the industry, both for established companies, start-ups, financial actors and those working with research and education, she explains.

Yields good results
The first group started their training in September 2020, and the programme extends over a year. The participants meet four times at sessions lasting for three days each. Seafood Next is open to anyone who wants or needs training within the seafood industry.

Nikolas Kallas, Head of Product at Aquabyte, is one of the participants in the first group. He came from the position as VP Product at StormGeo, a global supplier of weather forecast services. He has a master’s degree in information science from the University of Bergen and further education from Stanford University.

– The invitation to Seafood Next came at the perfect time. My career in the seafood industry is relatively short, and I need and wish to learn as much as possible. Through the programme I have, among other things, gained insight into challenges and possibilities directly from the central seafood industry actors.

The first Seafood Next session gave Nikolas professional input and the opportunity to build a network in the industry.

– This is a great arena to be present at. Here, you get good insight into how the industry works while simultaneously getting the opportunity to meet other participants who likely have experience with many of the problems at hand. It’s very useful, and the learning curve is steep, he explains.

A new program is starting in May 2021
The second group of Seafood Next is starting up with module 1, May 26.-28.- 2021 in Bergen. The group will meet four times in one year.

The registration is now open, and we are happy that there is a great interest in the programme. Already, 17 spots out of 30 have been taken, says Skogen.

Boost your industry knowledge and network
Application deadline: 30. April 2021

Contact Competence Manager Benedicte Skogen if you want to join:

Benedicte Skogen
+47 90629956

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