The wait is over for local businesses in Bergen, as the municipality is distributing NOK 44.3 million to those affected by the corona pandemic, who have fallen outside other support schemes.

Bergen municipality has NOK 44.3 million to distribute in a compensation scheme for local businesses. The scheme is a valve scheme intended for companies affected by the corona pandemic.

The target group for this compensation scheme is local businesses in Bergen that have been particularly affected by local or national infection control measures due to the corona pandemic, and which have fallen completely or partly outside other schemes. Applicants must be a commercial company and have a business address in Bergen. There must be at least one employee in the company for the company to be able to receive support through the scheme. Exceptions are sole proprietorships where the income from the enterprise is the holder’s main source of income.

Apply before 18. June 2021.

Read more about the compensation scheme and apply here.