Ocean Innovation Norwegian Catapult Centre has recently acquired Marineholmen Makerspace and offer discounted rates to these facilities to members of GCE Ocean Technology, NCE Seafood Innovation, and VIS.

3D printers at Makerspace

In today’s competitive market, enterprises in all business sectors need to constantly develop new solutions and designs to be able to provide the most favourable, cutting-edge technologies and products.

Standards and manufacturing methods are being increasingly challenged by global competition, rapid technological developments, and the demand for more sustainable solutions. The ability to quickly utilize new technology and methods is for this reason an inevitable measure to ensure the competitiveness of the enterprises.

Concept Development, Design and Prototyping
The facilities are located at Marineholmen in Bergen, consisting of a 420m2 workshop equipped with 3D printers (plastic), and facilities for working with metals, wood and electronics. For a detailed list of equipment, please visit the catapult websites.

Start Creating!
If you are interested in accessing the facilities, and using the infrastructure in your company’s internal development, they offer the following discounted prices for companies connected to GEC Ocean Technology, NCE Seafood Innovation and VIS:

  • Startups: NOK 250 per person per month
  • Companies with 1-3 employees: NOK 1200 per month (includes 3 users)
  • Companies with more than 3 employees: NOK 1600 per month (includes 4 users)


Contact Information
Jon O. Hellevang
R&D Manager
+47 988 48 828


The Norwegian Catapult Programme is a governmental scheme designed to assist the establishment and development of catapult centres, with the purpose of accelerating the process from concept to market launch of the product. The purpose of the Catapult programme is to support innovative capability of small and medium sized enterprises in specific industry areas in Norway.

The Catapult centres assist companies in developing prototypes, offer expertise and equipment for testing, visualisation and simulation to turn innovative ideas into new products and services in an effective manner at a lower risk. The Catapult centres provide expertise, contacts and facilities in various technological areas, and can assist companies to access new markets and captivate interest from other potential business partners.


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