Climate action is not only a competitive advantage – it is a necessity! NCE Seafood Innovation is partner of the 20tretti StartupLab program shaping the climate action towards 2030. Together with StartupLab and twelve other business partners across different industries we challenge Norwegian startups to find solutions to important climate headaches.

Sustainable packaging is an important step towards lower climate impact from the seafood industry and the climate headache that NCE Seafood Innovation is bringing to the 20tretti 2021 program. Together with our cluster partners and members we wish to explore new opportunities and search for startups with new solutions for sustainable seafood packaging.

Do you want to be part of this joint effort for a more sustainable seafood future?
We are searching for persons to join the NCE Seafood Innovation 20tretti-team which will be following the 20tretti climate program though ideation, prototyping and collaboration. We need a person with a passion for sustainability and climate action and who wishes to be involved in new innovation initiatives for a future seafood industry. As part of the NCE Seafood Innovation 20tretti-team you will be part of the program consisting of three events:

  • Ideate 08-09.09.21 This is a partner workshop where you as a partner-team-member learn system mapping and define climate headache.
  • Prototype 20.09-20.10.21. This is a workshop where startups tailor-make their solution to headaches. As a partner-team-member you engage in discussion, answer questions and provide data to startups.
  • Collab 28.10.21. This is the 20tretti main event. We meet all participating startups with potential solutions to climate headaches across industries.

After the main event we will see what opportunities lies ahead – if the startups with solutions for seafood packaging could move forward in form of pilots, collaborations and/or industry projects.

Are YOU the one we are searching for?
Application deadline June 25.
Contact Pia S. Rønningen for more information at