Support in the form of incubators or accelerators can be just what startups and entrepreneurs require to get growing. The best program will depend on where you are in the process. Here are some examples.

Incubator or accelerator

An incubator is a program that supports entrepreneurs and startups that works with establishing a business. Incubators contributes with resources, mentorship, networking opportunities, activities and sometimes funding to help you on the way from idea to marked. The services they offer differs from incubator to incubator.

While an accelerator and an incubator have several similarities, an accelerator often has fixed programs with a duration of typically 3-4 months. As the name suggest, the purpose of an accelerator is to help companies accelerate.

For companies where the entrepreneurial team is complete and has come a long way with both company building, product development and customer engagement, an accelerator can be relevant. Note that the programs often are limited to specific industries or domains.

Here is a list of incubator and accelerator programs you should consider

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