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In the upcoming Executive Seafood Forum, we are setting data sharing on the agenda. In NCE Seafood Innovation we focus on knowledge sharing between all the members in the industry. We are launching our new Industry Insight report: “Data sharing in the Norwegian aquaculture industry” in May 2023.

We believe that data sharing will be important for aquaculture industry players in delivering on growth ambitions and secure their “license to operate” by understanding animal welfare and environmental issues beyond of their own operations. To enhance the extent of data shared in the aquaculture industry, there is still a number of obstacles to overcome, including structural, technical and organizational challenges.

With this report, our ambition is to make evident the benefits and opportunities of data sharing for the aquaculture industry, and to provide a common understanding of how to establish this ecosystem. Our goal has been to highlight initiatives, desires and needs of the industry, and present solutions and points for further discussion

We are looking forward to present highlights and findings from the second “Industry insight” report at the next Executive Seafood Forum. The forum will then facilitate a discussion on how we collectively can bring the industry forward through the use of data sharing. We have also invited some guests on the topic to share their perspective.

We look forward to hearing your input on the topic and to see you there.


Contact: benedicte@seafoodinnovation.no


Bergen, Norway


May 09, 2023


13:30 - 16:00

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Executive Seafood Forum

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